This Wild Song

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Venue - Town Hall Gallery 
 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

On until 23 September

Honoured to be a part of This Wild Song is a long-term project by Melbourne artist Ilona Nelson. Nelson is in the process of photographing over 100 significant Australian female artists, incorporating visual aspects, motifs or language from the artist’s practice into the portrait.

See more than 25 portraits from the series alongside an artwork by each artist pictured. A unique concept is created for each artist, resulting in a deeply personal and emotive portrait.

This Wild Song celebrates the strong female leaders in the arts community. Coming from varied backgrounds and working in a diverse range of mediums, the featured artists are unified by their unique voices and distinct style. The inclusion of so many artistic mediums in this exhibition offers a broad synopsis of contemporary Australian art.

Featuring artists: Danica Chappell, Bindi Cole Chocka, Maree Clarke, Filomena Coppola, Megan Evans, Erika Gofton, Hannah Gartside, Wanda Gillespie, Michelle Hamer, Lucy Hardie, Freya Jobbins, Emma Lindsay, Nell, Catherine Nelson, Indigo O’Rourke, Jill Orr, Polixeni Papapetrou, Sonia Payes, Patricia Piccinini, Jacqui Stockdale, Kate Rohde, Cyrus Tang, Merryn Trevethan, Charlotte Watson, Susan Wirth, and Gosia Wlodarczak.