Ghost Hoovanah

the hoo 2018.jpg

Jacqui Stockdale | The Hoo, 2018 | Type C Print

30 Jun - 21 Jul 2018

Jacqui Stockdale’s new exhibition ‘Ghost Hoovanah’ will open at This is no Fantasy on 30 June 2018.

‘Ghost Hoovanah’ comprises eight photographs and a large painted wall work. The new images explore the play between dualities; human and animal, ghost and mortal, memory and documented history. In the photographs both animal and human subjects are clad in headdresses and posed in front of a hand painted backdrop of an old gold mining quarry in Bendigo. It was originally called Dai Gum San, meaning, Big Gold Mountain, a land of Hope and Fortune.

‘This is the crux of the artist’s revisionist position is the reanimation of voices that paternal histories repress. The awakening brings forth mothers, monsters, lovers and the wild folk, known to haunt the colonial scene.’ Damian Smith, 2018